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Randall D.

Randall D.

My Road to Recovery 

I’d been through various rehabilitation programs; two twenty-eight day programs and one nine-month program. Yet, I found myself at a point where things were worse than ever. I wasn’t eating. I felt lost and life seemed pointless. I had feelings of anxiety and worthlessness. Even the drugs and alcohol weren’t making me happy anymore.

A reality check came in the form of an intervention from my youngest son. Only in his 20’s, Kenny came to see me one morning when I was really sick from the effects of my lifestyle. He told me this type of behavior could not go on. What he said made sense but I still wasn’t willing to change. He took further steps by placing a temporary freeze on my finances and said if I didn’t agree to do something he would turn me in for an outstanding warrant. 

On January 29, 2007 I walked through the doors of The Salvation Army ARC in Fort Lauderdale. I came there to find a center in my life. I needed to be close to God and allow his amazing grace in my life again.

I knew there was a God. I believed he’d saved me from jail and serious harm or death on more than one occasion. But my addiction to alcohol had a stronger hold on me.

My days in the ARC gave me a time to think and time to change.  A big part of the changes I had to make were in my ways of thinking. I felt expectations had been placed on my and when I couldn’t live up to them I used drugs or alcohol to deaden my mind and avert me from thinking I was failing. I had to realize I only needed to be what God wanted not what I thought others expected.

Through my recovery I’ve established a relationship with God again. His grace has forgiven my many sins and washed me clean.

I’ve stumbled in my sobriety but even then, God never failed me. I have relationships with both of my sons and have become a proud grandfather of two. I am redeemed by God’s amazing grace.


Randall D. is a talented floral arranger. His talents are seen throughout the center with beautiful seasonal arrangements.  – Submitted by Major Debby Hudson, DSS, Ft. Lauderdale ARC